THIS drink is so good.

I’ve been making spiced hot chocolate for myself every morning for the last few weeks and it occurred to me that YOU would love it too. This is one of those recipes I usually do a little of this and a little of that. You can vary the spice amounts based on your taste. This is nourishing on so many levels. Each ingredient is so powerful. Ghee lubricates and strengthens from within. The raw cacao is a tremendous source of magnesium. This one is an elixir for your soul. I can’t wait to hear how much you love it!

Spiced Hot Chocolate

*Gluten-free and delicious!


• 1 cup nut milk
• 2 tablespoons raw cacao powder
• 3 teaspoons cinnamon
• 2 teaspoons ghee
• 1 teaspoon cardamom
• 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
• pinch of clove


Combine spices, nut milk and ghee in sauce pan and warm on the stove. Once warmed remove from heat and stir in honey or maple syrup.

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Our Home is... Kale On Wheels!

It’s bananas to sell everything you own and move into an RV, right? Yeap. Completely bananas. But you know what… WE LOVE bananas! In May of 2014 we sold/ gave away most of our stuff, purchased a 1994 Safari Continental. As we started to renovate we found mold which ended up being a tremendous gift. We gutted her and made her into what truly feels like home. It has been and continues to be a BIG adventure and I’m convinced that adventure really means advanced troubleshooting!

I’m so excited to share our home! I’ve linked most of the stuff for ya just in case you see something that inspires. There are a couple of affiliate links that relate directly to my work as a health coach. The rest are not affiliates, just sharing the love.

- Bought her in May.
- Renovated at warp speed (seriously it was madness) in June.
- Moved in July 1.
Kale On Wheels RV | Just Moved In
This was the first time she was clean and put together. Felt sooo good!

- Got used to her in August and continued working on aesthetics. Lots of bumping into each other and hitting our heads on cabinets. Depending on the day it was completely hilarious or frustrating.
- Spent September on the road driving from Texas to California and back.
- October/ November. Parked her again for more renovations and for me to go to Bali for a month on soul journey! You can see it over here.

Kale On Wheels | On The Road

That giant hole used to hold the backup camera. On our first trip we hit a bump and it came flying out! We’ve since removed that TV box. It’s just an open hole at the moment but we plan to either 1. get a new smaller back up camera to mount there or 2. make it into a cabinet to match the other two.

You can see what she looked like before here.
And during the reno here.

Welcome to our home!

Kale On Wheels | Welcome

It took Ned a little over three months to get used to his new life in our mobile abode. He was an indoor/ outdoor cat before so it’s been a little tough on his waist line and spirit to be indoors most of the time. We let him out anytime he wants to go. It’s usually once we’ve stopped somewhere for a few days and when the nights are nice and quiet.

Kale On Wheels | Entry Air Plant

We love having plants in our home and air plants seem to be the way to go in an RV. We’ve lost a few but about 75% of them are hanging in there! My mom sewed these and the living room curtains for us from linen fabric that was gifted to us by my friend Jamie House who is an incredible interior designer and was my sanity saver on this project.

Kale On Wheels | Dining

This is what it looks like when we are stopped. When we are in motion we take everything off the surfaces and put them into three 12×12 collapsible storage bins that then sit at the base of the bed on the floor. We had the bookshelf custom built for the space and there’s a leading edge on each shelf that helps to keep everything in it’s place.

We started with older orphan garage sale chairs (you can see them in the photo of when we first settled in above) in the dining room that I spray painted white. They were cute but not comfy. We upgraded to these Ikea chairs and they’ve been great! We’ve tried to hold our belongings to the rule that it must be beautiful or practical or both (and that feels so good).

We didn’t want to bolt down any of our furniture so we made sure the items that were in spaces that could move or fall while in motion would stay put. The kitchen table is wrought iron that I spray painted a soft yellow and we added a table top from Home Depot. That baby doesn’t move an inch and it’s become the center of our home. We sit here to work, to eat, to chat. I love this space.


Kale On Wheels | Kitchen

I love our kitchen. LOVE IT. I love the butcher block counter tops, the sink mounted under the counter, the subway tile, the color (that was Jamie!), the hardware. I love everything about this space.

We crafted this space to suit our needs. We removed a giant and dated looking microwave and replaced it with a toaster oven. We brought our juicer AND our blender which are my favorite two kitchen appliances of all time.

My only regret in our renovation process is that we rushed the paint (you can see where it’s worn above the top two drawers). We only had one day to get it painted before we took it to get the cabinets reinstalled after having the molded damage bits removed and rebuilt. One day we’ll touch up but for now we’re much too busy living here.

The entire RV is 4 colors from Sherwin Williams.

Walls and ceiling are Greek Villa (SW7551)
The lower kitchen cabinets are Really Teal (SW6489)
The bedroom is Gateway Gray (SW7644)
The bathroom is Quietude (SW 6212)

Kale On Wheels | Kitchen Plants

Kale On Wheels | Smoothie Cabinet

What we lack in wall space we make up for in cabinets! When I was first decorating and deciding what would go where it dawned on me that I could decorate INSIDE the cabinets. Hello! Happiness! This is our smoothie station. We use it almost everyday. The print is a free download on my site! And loads of smoothie recipes.

Kale On Wheels | Kitchen Cabinet

We downsized our kitchen BIG time and at the end of the year I plan to comb through and downsize a bit more getting rid of stuff we’ve not used since moving in. We have 4 plates, 2 glasses and several bowls. We kept too many pots and pans considering we have only 2 burners but I adore our cookware so we made space for it.

Kale On Wheels | Tea Station

This was my first space to set up and decorate. We have morning tea everyday and I often drink tea through the day. The teapot is from Target. The peas + carrots print is from Buck and Libby.


Kale On Wheels | Living Room

Can you tell that’s Ned’s favorite spot in the living room! We added the divider curtains once we got out on the road. One day we’ll purchase actual window screens for the front windows (they’re pricey). For now we’ve improvised in a really beautiful way by installing a track from Ikea and hanging two cotton shower curtains from West Elm, the Pintuck shower curtain. We have the same curtains in our bedroom. The black and white rug is from Anthropologie.

The floor is cork called Barcelos (and it sounds best if you say it with an Antonio Banderas accent) from Lumber Liquidators. And we ADORE it.

Kale On Wheels | Storage

I keep my shoes in the baskets under the couch. Cliff keeps his in the cabinets over the bookcase. We have been a no shoes in the house family for the last few years so it makes a lot of sense to keep them at the front of the bus near the door.

The couch is a futon and we’ve had exactly one overnight guest so far, my sister. She confirmed what we all suspected… most uncomfortable nights sleep ever. On the plus side it fits the space, fit into the door with no problem and was the right price. Downside it’s sort of this weird felt fabric that holds onto Ned’s fur for dear life and is not comfortable. We’ll upgrade at some point but for now it’s working just fine.

ned pouf

The Moroccan pouf came from my friends store in Belmont, MA called Marmalade. The squirrel pillow came from Target. The chair was a Home Goods find. The rug was a hand me down from my mom.

Kale On Wheels | Joshua Tree

We were in Joshua Tree in our house and it was by far the most magical experience to date in the RV. It’s wild driving your home everywhere with you. WILD. This maiden voyage west and the way I felt… I’ll remember it forever. I remember the way I felt when Ned chose me to be his mom, I remember the way I felt watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon with Cliff when we moved from California to Texas and I remember the way I felt driving through Joshua Tree in our home.


Kale On Wheels | Hallway View

You get a little peek of hardware in this image. Since the entire place is lined in cabinetry, I tried to help differentiate rooms by choosing different knobs or handles for each room.

Kale On Wheels | Hall View Into Bedroom

We used my favorite blanket to create a divider curtain for the bedroom. It helps to keep the morning light from blazing in and also helps regulate the temperature. We used the same track system from Ikea as at the front.


Kale On Wheels RV | Reclaimed Wood Wall

The bedroom! Oh the bedroom. When we went to purchase the RV the bedroom was a sad, sad place. Old window boxes, stale energy and the bed was what they call an RV queen which is really code for too small to sleep on. We knew if this place was going to feel like home we’d have to be able to fit our Cal King mattress in the room! Getting it in the door was pretty hilarious. Picture the mattress folded like a taco with Cliff inside pulling and me and mom outside pushing.

We ripped out side cabinets to make room for the mattress which obviously eliminated some storage space but it was totally worth it. Cliff made a bigger bed platform and we covered the base in the same bead board that we used for the ceiling throughout the RV. You can see we still need to paint it white… soon. The massive diesel engine is actually under the bed and the platform that the mattress sits on is on hinges to allow access.

Kale On Wheels RV | Bedroom

Jamie found this amazing reclaimed wood for us! She hand picked every piece! Cliff cut and pieced it together to create a headboard. It’s both glued and tacked into place with little finishing nails. It’s stunning, so warm and beautiful. It’s our favorite project in the RV so far.

Kale On Wheels RV | Bed

This gives you an idea of space in the room. Cliff can easily walk along side the bed to get in but since my side is near the wardrobe it’s a tight squeeze so I get in and out of bed via the foot of the bed.

Kale On Wheels | Nitghtly Wind Down

You can see we’re all comfy here. <3

Kale On Wheels | Morning Ritual

Clothes… we downsized our wardrobes BIG time to move into the RV and have downsized even further by adopting the capsule wardrobe lifestyle.

Kale On Wheels | Bedroom Curtain and Art Wall

I believe your home is a snap shot of who you are. That meant we HAD to have an art wall somewhere. This is literally the only wall that is open floor to ceiling and you can see I took FULL advantage! The little cat is from Whismy Kitten on Etsy is Ned’s favorite thing. He uses it as a pillow (no idea how he learned to do that but it’s adorable).

Kale On Wheels | Bedroom Hardware

We used conduit pipe for the bedroom curtain rods and since the curtains are actually shower curtains I used leather cord to tie them to the rod. The hook with our robes is from Anthropologie. I had it in my studio holding oodles of ribbons in our house before and I love having it on our bedroom now.


Kale On Wheels RV | Desk

That little black unassuming fan has been a lifesaver! We will eventually get one more for the bedroom and two for the front of the bus. The top cabinet pulls are from Anthro. We made the leather pulls on the desk intentionally to have something soft since it’s so easy to bump against everything living in such a small space. It’s a bit like child proofing to make sure we can bounce off the surfaces without injury. The calendar and pockets are from Pottery Barn and the idea came direct from one of my besties who has a similar set up in her kitchen.


Kale On Wheels | Bathroom

The bathroom got thoughtfully spruced. We have a full makeover planned. The sink is a find from ReStore. It’s a hair washing sink, a nod to my dad who has been a barber since he was in the Navy. He was on laundry duty and they asked if anyone knew how to cut hair… he said yes (total lie to get out of laundry detail) and has been a barber ever since! Mom sewed a skirt for the sink and our collapsible laundry hamper lives underneath.

Kale On Wheels | Bathroom Light

The composing toilet was a big win though it took us a little trial and error to figure out the proper proportions of coconut coir. These days we’ve got it dialed and have a home completely free of any unwelcome odors. The shower curtain rod is a double curved rod from Lowe’s. We use the extra rod for hanging wet towels and clothes. Shower curtain is from Target.

Kale On Wheels | Bathroom Floor

The floor is pebbles that give a mini foot massage every time you walk on them. The tub used to be trimmed in this weird, peeling gold foil stuff. We weren’t sure if there was anything that could be done but the man who helped us renovate her in record time surprised us by covering it with wood! Completely awesome.

Getting this old gal in shape had been a true team effort and we’ve felt tremendously loved and supported along the way. I love that our home has been a collaboration of so many hearts with time and talent.

Huge. Massive. Grand. Big, big, big thanks to Jamie House Design for helping us at every turn. When I was maxed out and could not make a decision she was always there. Thank you sweet Jamie for your time, your love and holding the vision of this project from the beginning. I love you.

Thank you to Johnny Loftis who worked diligently, quickly and honestly. We appreciate you! To mom for scraping, peeling, sewing, sweating, pushing, pulling, lifting, adjusting, hammer and nailing! To dad for knowing which power tools to bring, how to use them and for teaching me what a miter box is! To Aunt Mary for expert painting and tile demolition, Cody for serious man power in the demolition category, Mema for the best cork shelf liner install I’ve ever seen. Thank you all so much for your support with and through this huge transition.

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I just returned home from a month long journey to Bali. Over the past few days I’ve been noticing how different I am. I know that people go on trips all the time and come home saying they’ve changed but… I really mean it. I am SO different than I was a little over a month ago.

I have seemingly unlimited patience. My impatience used to be a running joke around here. Today I went to the post office to mail Kale Yeah T’s (they are on sale 40% off btw, get em while they last). There was a HUGE line. Then killer traffic on the way home from the post office. It was mid way through the traffic that I realized that I wasn’t bothered by any of it. Not the traffic, not the line, not the screaming kids, not the lady with the literal wagon full of boxes… I am so non-reactive. I am in awe. My stomach used to turn into knots in situations that were out of my control. I’d get anxious in lines, frustrated in traffic and now… Poof! GONE!

I’m quiet, contemplative and unapoligetically internal. I’ve been leaving my phone off most days unless I have a client call. I’m hardly on social media. Cliff and I are sitting and talking for hours on end. I feel space inside of me and around me. I feel peaceful. I’m observing my body adjusting back into this time zone and giving myself plenty of time to rest, to sleep when I feel like it and be awake when I feel like it. It’s actually nearly 3 am as I’m writing this. Two words friends… Jet Lag! It’s real.

I feel deeply loved and protected despite learning that when our home, our RV went in for service it was stripped of every electronic gadget and gizmo in the place. The TV was ripped off the wall, iPods gone, Jambox gone, brand new Roku still in the box (that was buried in a drawer) gone… and so much more. I am observing my reaction to it and how different I am in processing it all. I spoke with a representative of the shop and his only response was that Cliff signed a “not responsible for loss” waiver when he dropped it off. Wha? That doesn’t mean it’s ok to shop in our home. How can someone run a business that way?

In times past I would have gotten in my car and driven down there to speak yell at the owner or manager and demand resolution. The anger would have eaten me up from the inside out. Instead I saged our sweet little home and reminded myself that I am safe. I am loved. Somehow this is all for me. And I sent love to whoever took all our stuff. And to the guy who was zero help on the phone. And to the owner who has refused to take or return my calls. I will still be writing a Yelp review and filing an official complaint but with the intention of protecting other RV families instead of sticking it to this place.

Beyond that I’m reflecting on this feeling inside. This raw vulnerability of having our home violated in this way. Memories are flooding in from my life. Memories of times when people have wronged me and when I have wronged others. I’m seeing their faces, offering forgiveness and asking for forgiveness and it’s painful. And cleansing.

See what I mean? Different!

As 2014 draws to a close I feel brand new. I feel ready for the coming year and I feel excited for what is ahead. In 2015 I’m expanding my work to honor the knowing inside that has been clearly speaking saying, “Lacy, it’s time to offer more. It’s time to share what you know, to let people in, to hold them close and love them deeply so that you may grow together, open and heal together. It’s time.”

And so… I am thrilled to announce The first retreat is going to be May 16 – 23, 2015 in Costa Rica. I’m calling it Shift and it’s already being infused with so much love and careful attention to every detail.

Join me on a profound healing journey like nothing you have ever experienced.
Join me for the transformation you have been waiting for.
Join me for a journey into your true self.

If this is the right fit for you, you will you know. You’ll feel it in your body. You’ll feel it before you finish reading this page. And you’ll bravely answer the call with YES. I will do this. I will trust this. YES.

The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea. – Isak Dinesen

This is for you if:

  • You want to better understand and experience higher states of consciousness.
  • You’ve felt blocked or stuck for some time and you’re ready to unclog those blocks
  • You want to understand how the universe works and what your purpose is in life.
  • You have an open heart and are willing to change. <—– You can do anything if you answer YES to this one!
  • You’re building a new business or you’re ready for your current business to grow.
  • If this is resonating with you on a level you can’t quite explain.

This is also for you if:

  • You want to feel peaceful in your life. And joy. Heaps of joy.
  • You are ready to heal your body of physical and emotional pain.
  • You are feeling called to let go of unhealthy habits or addictive behaviors that are no longer serving you (ie. emotional or disordered eating, alcohol or cigarettes)
  • You are ready to heal past relationships and find a partner to share this life with.
  • You are looking for change in your career, in your relationship(s) and in your body.
  • You would like to feel empowered and hopeful.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to invest your time and money in yourself.
  • You are not willing to explore new ways of thinking.
  • You would prefer to not share your experiences with other people or to listen to theirs.
  • You do not believe healing can happen in a matter of days.

What led me to this work?

To truly and fully heal you MUST be willing to feel and feel deeply, truthfully and consistently. Big shifts will happen if you trust that and practice it.

The past decade I’ve been on an intentional healing journey. Most recently I traveled to Bali because something unexplainable inside told me I needed to go. I’ve felt that call less than a dozen times my entire life and each time was nothing short of life changing. Bali was no exception. I have been meditating for years but what I learned and experienced in Bali created indelible changes in my body.

I watched in awe throughout the month-long trip as monumental internal shifts happened one after another. The space in my heart and belly where overwhelm and anxiety used to live cleared. My inability to truly cry was set free by meditations that invited movement of all that stuck energy. I will remember how it felt to release deep sobs and layers of profound grief for a long, long time to come. The feeling of being internally frayed all the time mended and was replaced with calm, even energy. And perhaps most notably, compassion has flooded the spaces in my body where anger used to rage. I was angry about everything from my parents divorce to feeling unheard as a child. You name it, I had anger about it. All that old reactivity is gone. All that pain has dissolved as a result of meditating.

I’ve never felt more free, light, alive, open and ready to share. Leading these retreats is an extension of doing the work I was meant to do in this life. It is my great hope that attending this retreat will be a rebirth for you, an opportunity to step into your power and become what you truly are. Together may we make the world a better place by helping those we love and each other to continue making empowering choices that raise the energy of all beings everywhere.

What exactly will we be doing?

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

We will meet daily as a group for 7 days to meditate, talk, explore, write, rest, eat, relax, play, laugh, cry, heal and grow.

You’ll learn practical techniques and meditations to go deep within and to invite shifts so that you may know the truth of who you are. You will take mindful steps to invite healing and freedom from needless suffering. When you open up to this journey, you’ll learn how to listen to and connect with your intuition in ways that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll release old hurts both known and unknown. You’ll find joy. Serious, peaceful joy. You’ll feel the lightness that comes from eating life-giving foods. You’ll redefine self care. You’ll connect with other people who are on the path. You’ll feel tremendously loved and pampered by every detail.
This is a course for individuals, an inward journey, but you are welcome to bring your partner if you’d like to experience this work side-by-side. You’ll leave with the tools you need to continue your work at home.

This is a non-denominational retreat. Our work will transcend religious and cultural barriers. It is ok if you’ve never meditated before and it’s ok if you have an established meditation practice. The only prerequisites are your desire and willingness to change. You can expect a loving and safe environment.

Our work together will be consistent, constructive and mutually nourishing.


The cost of the retreat covers our work together; 3 deliciously, consciously prepared organic vegetarian meals daily; transportation to and from the Liberia International Airport; your room and select activities. Choose from 3 different rooms with prices ranging from $2,880 to $3,730 for the week.

Option 1: Nature Suite

Nature Suites are located on a hillside overlooking the lush vegetation. They are natural wood frame structures and have private bathrooms with an outdoor shower overlooking the jungle. Each Suite sleeps two people and includes a separate enclosed porch with a desk. All Suites have solar hot water as well as air conditioning. The Suites are a short walk up the hill to the Main Building.

Single Room: $3,730
Shared Room: $3,305

Option 2: Hermitage

Many of these rooms have partial views of the ocean and others of the mountains nearby, a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and a natural ventilation system. There are also a few Hermitage Rooms available with twin beds for two people.

Single Room: $3,330
Shared Room: $3,800

Option 3: Eco-Cottage

The cottages are beautifully situated in lush vegetation. They are natural wood frame structures with screening for natural ventilation. Each Cottage sleeps two people and has a private bathroom with solar hot water showers and everything runs on solar powered electricity to provide a comfortable and ecological setting. The Eco-Cottages are situated below the Main Building and involve a short hike up a stone stairway to get to the Main Building.

Single Room: $3,130
Shared Room: $2,880

Space is limited. If you have questions, contact me directly here.

Every wise culture knows that there are times that are important to walk out in the desert or in the mountains, or to go on retreat and listen.” -Jack Kornfield

What clients are saying:

“Thank you so much for your love and being there for me. You will never know just how much it means to me. I believe whole-heartedly that you were sent to me to help me work through my issues. You have such a gentle way of nudging me to get to the root of issues that I deal with and of helping me put things in perspective. I would never have dreamed that a business coach would be so much more that strictly business planning. You have changed my life and continue to help me move towards being a healthier person. No other business coach would do that. You are so much more and I was meant to connect with you. You truly make my heart smile and help me feel complete. And it has been a long time since I have felt like that. Thank you!” – Tania

“I was looking for a spiritual teacher. It wasn’t that I was broke or deeply unhappy or desperate in any way; I just had a sense that there was more to this life, and I wanted to go deeper. In my mind, I pictured this guide as an Indian man with a turban. Boy, was I surprised when I realized that it was actually Lacy from Texas. I told her things I’ve never told anyone, and I felt so safe, so HELD, so SEEN. I felt loved, welcomed, and at home with Lacy in a way I’ve never felt with anyone. And she told me the truth. She told me the TRUTH. Sometimes it hurt. Sometimes after our conversations, I had to sit with that truth for hours before it rested onto my bones and – every time – healed them. I’ve never met anyone like Lacy. I truly have no words. She embodies everything she teaches. It’s healing just to be in her presence. Everyone needs this work. Everyone.” – Lindsey

Together we will share seven days of meditation, healing, and the unearthing of deep, inexplicable joy in Costa Rica.

Apply here.
Or get in touchhere with questions.
See the retreat page here.

I came to Bali because I felt powerfully and unexplainably drawn here. In the three weeks I’ve been here so far everything has changed, shifted, lightened. It feels like my whole life has been a series of events leading me to this experience. Deep meditation lead to healing work. I cried. A lot. A first in as long as I can remember. I called out from the depths of grief. I opened up my body and as a result I’ve never felt more free. More light. More alive. More open.

Bali reminded me how important atmosphere is for me. The combination of natural beauty and daily offerings have helped bolster calm inside of me to allow for all the good work to happen. I needed to be so far away. I needed to wander the winding streets, sweat bucket loads, eat fruit, feel the buzz of the city and then sit near the ocean. I needed to be in a place of uncertainty. I needed every bit of it.

The big question marks that characterized my first few days in Bali have been replaced with a deep peace and calm. I read back in my journal and notice how confused I was… and now I just feel compassion for her and all the striving energy.

There have been monumental internal shifts. I used to have an apartment in my heart and my belly for overwhelm and anxiety. They’ve gone now and a tremendous weight has lifted. I used to worry about my trachea and now I truly feel that I can heal myself. I’ve believed that for a long time but now I FEEL the truth of it.

I know now that to truly and fully heal you MUST be willing to feel and feel deeply, truthfully and consistently. Big shifts will happen if you trust that and practice it.

punnu and lacybali2ganesha and friendsbali1

I’m seeing clearly that it’s time to share all I’ve learned in Bali and the decade leading up to it. It’s time to go deeper. It is going to be completely different from anything I’ve done before. The truth is that I love food and what it can do for us but the part of coaching that I am deeply moved by are those moments when we move beyond food and into what’s at the core. This is going to be all core.

It’s life coaching but not really.
It’s health coaching but not really.
It’s business coaching but not really.

I’m inviting you to join me on a profound healing journey like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It will be powerful and unexplainable just like this trip for me. More information will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

With tremendous love,

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That moment when your sister Face Times and you look the same down to the side bun. WOAH.

My sister and I talk daily. It’s one of my favorite rituals. We gush over our capsule wardrobe favorites and talk about Chloe but mostly we go into the core of what’s happening in our lives. We leap into the deep stuff, the work, the truths that we’re learning and the intentions that we’re setting.

Lately, we have been having conversations on being seen. How we all really, really want to be seen. What that means. Who gets to see you. Who truly knows you. How to let people know you without feeling like you’re always sharing all your business. And on and on. As we were about to get off the phone she said something that I’ve been rolling around inside ever since… “Lace, it’s time to give people more access to you.” It was her voice but I felt like I was hearing from the angels. She is SO connected to her intuition and the divine.

To be seen and truly show who you are you have to know yourself or at least be in pursuit of knowing yourself. Seems pretty straight forward but oh so many women (and men) have forgotten who they truly are. At the heart of truth we are joy. Joy is our birthright. Sometimes in the chaos and noise of life we forget that. We reflex into weird striving energy trying to be something we’re not. I forget that. I reflex. But I knew exactly what she meant and it hit me as an all caps Y-E-S in my body. Time to get real.

The next day I tried it in the most logical place. I had a call with a potential client and I was totally me. I  was professional but playful. Knowledgeable but not judgey. I giggled. I asked her to be my friend (umm I don’t always do that). I was totally serious. Talking with her was an all caps Y-E-S in my body. I felt our connection immediately and I knew two things… 1. I can help her and 2. I want to. She’s now a client our energy together is still amazing. I feel so lifted after we get off the phone. She does too. I’d call it magic but I know it’s a result of living in my truth. It’s a result of listening to the Y-E-S and honoring it.

There are dear girls in my Togetherness Tuesday weekly drop-in coaching group that know me. Anyone I’ve been coaching for more than a phone call knows me but you guys… do you know me? If you didn’t before you will now. Ha! I’ve been set free with permission from my sis and I’m kind of on fire about it.

When I started my business (started seeing clients in 2009, graduated in 2010) I had all this striving energy and worried about doing it right. I said yes to everyone who wanted to work with me. I learned a lot the hard way. I used the worksheets that school gave me and followed the programs to the letter. Each year I got a bit more confidence and moved more into my own style. Less worksheets. Less by the book. More intuition. These days I know what I’m doing. I know how to let my intuition lead and I’m ok with sounding completely woo woo in the process. I apologize for it less and less (always a good sign). And you know it’s totally working….being me has helped more people be themselves and HEAL themselves. I have seen people heal their bodies of everything from candida to cancer.

There’s change unfolding as I type. I’m stepping into my ME-ness and every part of my 35 year old self feels the buzz of that energy. I’m owning my gifts and my personal power. Elizabeth Gilbert said that she used to look people in the eyes and give them the answer they wanted to hear instead of the answer that was in her heart. Hearing her say that gutted me. I did that too! I mastered that skill as a young child and it served my well into adulthood. No more. It’s all about speaking truth now. And you know, it’s not nearly as dramatic as that sounds. It’s actually the most subtle shift and you’d probably never notice if I hadn’t said anything. But maybe you would… we all feel each others energy all the time and the energy of truth or falsehood is weighty stuff.

May I give you some permission here?
- Follow Liz Gilbert’s advice and look inside before you answer folks.
- Don’t do anything unless it’s an all caps Y-E-S in your body.
- Be who you are. Everyone says that all the time but I’m telling you when you wring out every ounce of you-ness you will heal yourself and others.
- Get serious about who you are. No more shrinking. Own your brilliance! Claim your genius! It feels so GOOD!

And I’d like to give you an invitation too…
- If you’re not signed up for One Pot Wonders yet please do consider joining us! It’s quickly becoming this fabulous little truth portal for sharing my passion and love. Oh you’ll get some pretty amazing soup recipes too.
- If you could use a little encouragement Kayla (my sis) is doing Angel Readings. It’s totally woo woo and it’s amazing.

And if you need a little fuel while you ponder all of this here’s my latest green juice combo.

morning green juice

Juice this up and enjoy!

1 bunch kale
3 stalks celery
1 piece fennel
1 piece ginger
2 cucumbers
1/2 bunch cilantro
1 apple
1 lemon

Serves 2

With love,

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Unfancy | Lacy Young everyday lookUnfancy | Lacy Young jewelryUnfancy | Lacy Young shoes

I’ve fallen in crazy, serious love with capsule wardrobes. Crazy. Serious. Love.

If you frequent here you know that earlier this summer Cliff and I sold/ gave away most of our stuff, bought an older RV (why is it that someone born in 94 is not old but an RV from 94 is totally old?), renovated and are living, working and traveling in it!

I downsized my wardrobe for RV living but kept way too many shoes and two months in realized that I had a closet full of random pieces that didn’t make any sense together or on my body. I had a stack of jeans that were a too loose here, too tight there. Shirts that I thought I HAD to have from Target (when I was really just supposed to be on a toilet paper run). You’ve been there, right?

The night before we were leaving for our month on the road in September we parked the RV in a parking lot and spent the night at my mom’s house. Cliff met me there and brought clothes for me from the RV. It was a huge wake up call. He grabbed my clothes from my closet but they felt random to me and I wasn’t comfortable in them. HELLO! What an excellent measure. I realized right then and there that I want him to be able to go into my closet at ANY TIME and choose ANYTHING for me. AND I want to feel completely comfortable and confident in those clothes. Intention set!

Not long after I found this blog called Unfancy and it T R A N S F O R M E D my wardrobe and totally set me free! This post is, in fact a big thank you to Caroline for her blog and all she has inspired in me these past weeks! THANK YOU, Caroline! The first week I started my fall capsule you would have thought I just got engaged. It was THAT good! I’m not kidding when I tell you this whole capsule wardrobe thing has given me so much permission to live in my authenticity, to embrace the power that I have to create my day and my life and to own my confidence in new, completely happy-making ways! And you know I’m on board with anything that grows confidence in a sincere way.

Of course a capsule wardrobe is space friendly for living in an RV (I actually have extra room in our tiny closet now, wha!?). The space in the closet is nice but the space in my life has been the real magic! There’s so much more ease in my days. I get dressed without laboring over what to wear and I feel great all day long. So simple yet so profound.

I am not sure that I could have described my style to you before finding Unfancy. Our lifestyle is all about health, fun and flow and my style feels best mirroring that… so casual and comfortable is a no brainer but I also have this preppy side that loves a good button down and loafers. So I’m going with preppy, casual, comfortable for my style and so far it feels really good!

It doesn’t get more comfy and casual than a T- shirt and jeans! I wear this outfit on repeat every week. The jeans are my new fave of all time. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks without washing (TMI?) and they still fit! I’ve started sizing down on jeans for that very reason. I was so tired of wearing jeans once post wash and then needing to belt them or wash them again.

Each day I try to wear something that feels totally me, a soul mate piece as my friend Lizzy always says. “Soul mate” pieces are those things that you see and they take your breath away! You are drawn to them, have to have them and they become a signature item in your collection! That was me and this necklace from Sundance. I adore it and it was a gift from my mom so that makes it doubly special.

I would love to know…

What are your soul mate pieces?

T-Shirt: Madewell

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Teysha (similar) This is a thoughtful company with a great cause! Love that.

Necklace (long with charms): Sundance

Necklace (short with stone): Crystal Works (They don’t sell online but you can order over the phone. I chose this one because I was drawn to it and wouldn’t you know it’s to help with the throat.)

With capsule love,

p.s. These are NOT affiliate links. I’m sharing a new love that is part of my healthy, happy life. My hope is that you’ll find a bit of permission in here to find your style. To simplify your wardrobe and wear what feels really, truly like you! The better you feel the more frequently you’ll eat foods that also make you feel good and you’ll think kinder thoughts about yourself. It is all beautifully woven together. If you need capsule info or want to create your own wardrobe capsule I recommend you visit Unfancy. She has super duper advice.

The words Self Care get tossed around a lot these days. Do you know what Self Care is? Are you practicing it? What’s your favorite way to practice? Have you made it a priority in your life? Earlier this week I had not one but three people ask me to share my self care routine and practices. I try to honor and listen to those signs so I thought I’d share it here as well!

Self care has been a journey for me and it’s something I still really work on. You know how getting sick is your sign to SLOW DOWN and take better care of you? Yeah. Self care started off like that in my life. I learned the hard way at first via overwhelm and burn out. Raise your hand if you’re a recovering people pleaser too!

self care definationIt’s been years of systematic changes in my work and lifestyle to take better care of me. Learning the hard practice of saying NO has been key. Letting go of self judgement and stories around slowing down has been huge too. I used to think busy meant successful and that somehow working all the time made me more worthy of success. Those were some BIG stories that 1) weren’t serving me and 2) just aren’t true. Allowing myself to lay down if I need it or to sit in quiet and meditate have been massive shifts in my life. These days my self care has been taking a turn to mirror my food life… it’s all about healing, what feels good and prevention.

Here’s what I’ve laid out for myself. As you read notice what resonates with you and what makes you feel light. Perhaps those are the practices to try on, modify and put to work in your self care routines.


Weekly I schedule 1 date with myself reserved for fun. I take myself to the movies. I swim. I take myself to lunch or for a drive. I do whatever feels really good in my body. During that time I UNPLUG from all technology (A MUST). Some weeks it’s just an hour. Others it’s an entire day. It all depends on what I’m feeling that I need. If I’m super busy and the week is wearing on me then I take m o r e time for myself to go and remember what fun is. I block off the time in my calendar and treat it like a client appointment. That means I always show up! Cliff always says, “no one is shooting at us” and I take it to heart. He’s right. This is not a life or death situation. It’s my life and I get to choose how to LIVE IT each moment of each day and the more fun the better!


I drink water daily upon waking. And eat within an hour of waking. So key. On days when I allow myself to get sucked into technology too quickly I can easily skip breakfast or wait way too long to eat and I feel it. After all this time I’m still in awe that I’m the boss of my food life and however I feel is a direct reflection of how well I did or did not prioritize taking care of my needs.


I’ve recently added no eating after 6 or 7 at night. So far that’s feeling really good. I’m not crazy strict about it… if we go to dinner I enjoy dinner without looking at the clock. I’d say at the moment I’m sticking to it a good 5 or 6 days a week. The circadian rhythm of our bodies dictates that we are to eat when the sun is out and rest when the moon is out. Practicing an eating cut off time is my way of trying to honor that a little more each day. Eating late at night is a sure fire way to pack on lb’s and as a recovering sugar addict/ emotional eater night time eating was a particularly tender time for me. You know you better than anyone… set some safe boundaries for yourself within your routines and honor them.


I make sure to eat something green everyday. A green juice, a green smoothie, steamed veggies, salad… doesn’t matter I just make sure to get in green veggies. I tell every single one of my clients about the importance of greens and anyone who knows me knows that veggies are way more than just a food preference… it’s a lifestyle. My lifestyle. If I’m traveling and can’t access greens like usual I use a green powder in the mornings with breakfast. I also try to eat 50% + of my daily food raw to invite the most nutrients possible into my body. That’s part of why I love green juices and green smoothies so much.


Creating my day is always the goal. The way to create your day is through meditation. When I approach meditation from a creation stand point knowing that it has the power to change my day and my life I show up every time without fail. It’s pretty hard to argue with facts like these. When I forget how rich and deep meditation is I remember to keep it on the list because it’s “good for me” and honestly some weeks that is enough. This week has been exceptional, so far I’ve meditated everyday and I’m aiming to do a long one this afternoon. Last week I think I meditated 3x so it definitely ebbs and flows over here. Some days are 10 minutes via a short and sweet Deepak Chopra mediation. Others are long up to an hour or just over via a Joe Dispenza mediation. I almost always use a guided meditation. I’d say about 1 out of every 10 times I will sit and meditate on my breath alone in silence. I don’t have any rules on guided or not… I just go with what feels good and most often I go with how much time I want to spend.


I live in an RV and happily work from home. I sit on my booty in a small space most of the day. No doubt about it that’s a sedentary lifestyle. Lately I’m light on movement and heavy on rest at the urging (and near begging) of my Ayurvedic doc and team of healers. It’s been a tough adjustment for me to SLOW DOWN and follow the advice to not “exert” myself. I run/walk a few times a week. I have also been swimming when the mood strikes (I’ve been twice this week). Lately I’m feeling the calling back to yoga so it’s me and my yoga mat it the RV which is pretty comical actually.

Giving myself permission to nap and rest has been earth shattering. I’m not kidding I used to be an ALL GO, ALL THE TIME kind of gal. The more work I do on healing my body the more I can feel the subtle calls from within. When I start to feel a little frayed, weak or small I go lay down for a bit. Naps are an amazing reset button and immune booster.


Daily I wake and take all my Ayurvedic herbs to support the healing of my body. I’m over half way through 30 days of daily sesame oil enemas (TMI? Sorry.) to help lubricate and restore health to my internal body. The Ayurveda perspective on Tracheal Stenosis is that we have one long tube from mouth to anus and mine is dried out so… I’m taking oil on both ends and also oiling my skin. Oil-a-palooza over here and I have to tell you the oil enemas though not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever experienced feel like they are totally working.

I share all this to tell you that healing is an all in endeavor. If you’re negotiating some kind of sickness or imbalance in your body it can be all consuming. It’s been really soothing to add these practices to my daily rituals. I do each from a place of gratitude that each day I get to take actions with a pure intention of easy breathing and believing in healing possibility. My sister reminds me to ask the Universe to wow me in regards to my health. Isn’t that a beautiful image to think of! How many times have you been in awe of something that unfolded before you without you having to effort in that direction? Just this past weekend I won tickets to a truly transformational Oprah weekend and I didn’t even register to win. My Aunt registered me. I was WOW-ed for sure and so now I ask the Universe to wow me in regards to my healthy and healed body.


Daily I read something that I’m trying to learn. It’s usually really quick around 5 – 10 minutes.


I tell Cliff what’s happening with me daily. Turns out he’s not a mind reader so it’s helpful for him to know what I’m negotiating. I ask for what I need… some days it’s for him to read/ edit something I’ve written, some days it’s help rubbing oil all over me as part of my healing ritual, some days it’s for some space to move through something I’m working on. That practice adds to the ease of our relationship and helps us both feel really supported.


The sun + earths energy are crucial for vibrant health. I spend time barefoot in the grass or with my hands in the dirt weekly. Ideally we’d come into contact with the earth daily. I joke (but I’m totally serious) that one day when we have a yard again I want a dirt and sand garden where I can go lay naked with the sun on my face. This is the part where my dad thinks I’ve totally lost my mind (ha!) but it’s so elemental to be in contact with our earth! I think it’s one of the reasons why so many of us love the beach. It’s one of the rare times we are barefoot and covered in sand! When is the last time you physically touched the earth?

I hope you found one or a few things that are resonating in you. Remember that just like food self care is completely individual. While I’m over here taking it easy and embracing naps you may need to run as hard and as fast as you can! There are some things, too, like saying what you need and taking yourself on a weekly date that I think we could all benefit from.

To caring for your beautiful self in the way that only you can!

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I’m so tempted to name this a gingerbread smoothie but I’m not a fan of naming #vegan things after their dairy counterparts. Soooo I’ll call it a Pumpkin Ginger Green Smoothie instead. It looks like pea soup all blended up BUT it tastes like spiced fall goodness.

If you love ginger this one is for you! And if your gut needs balancing ginger is your new bestie.

You’ll need:

1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1 handful greens
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp all spice
1/2 inch piece fresh ginger (peeled) You can use less if you’re still getting used to ginger.
3 medjool dates (pits removed)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 frozen banana
1 tsp vanilla extract

I used a baby kale/ spinach blend. If you’re new to this whole #greensmoothie thing go for spinach, the flavor is light so you won’t taste the greens in your smoothie.


I received an email from a dear girl who is in the midst of transition and I saw so much of my story in her words. She went to a yoga class, and another and another. She feel madly and deeply in love with the practice and the way her body felt fully engaged in the present moment of each pose. She paid lots of money for proper schooling and credentials. She became a certified yoga teacher. She loved teaching.

And now that her shiny new website is built and ready to roll out into the world it’s become unavoidably clear that it’s time to move on. Disappointment. Guilt. So many feelings are colliding all at once. Then the justification that she spent the money on the site… shouldn’t she see it through?

I’m here to say permission granted to change course in the very moment that you know it’s time. Seriously. We all do that thing over money from time-to-time. You spend “good” money on something really big and then there’s that moment of pause… you use the money as a justification to keep going even though every fiber of your being is saying MOVE ON RIGHT NOW!

Honoring your intuition is sacred ground. Do it. At all cost. Some days it may be something really big like NOT publishing the site. Others is may be seemingly small like not finishing a book. It’s your life and you get to live it however you want. Exercise that beautiful freedom.

Letting it go (whatever it is) can be excruciating and at the same time completely necessary. It is ok that something (or someone) once filled you up body and soul and then it was time to move on. I spent my 20′s trying to make a living out of things I loved. Yoga. Making Scrapbooks. Creating herbal products. etc. etc. etc. I changed paths often and with a great deal of struggle. I wish someone had said that it’s O.K. to keep going and change course when you know it’s time. Mid way through my 30′s I’m seeing how it’s all been a part of the journey that is still very much in motion. I can only image the clarity that the 40′s will bring.

Release the guilt, dear girl. Forgive yourself. Often. You showed up, burned brightly and when the time was right you let it go. That’s practicing yoga off the mat. That’s listening to your sacred voice and it’s always worth it no matter how much it cost to get there.

Clear space so that your what next can peek through and wink at you. Clear space… In your body. In your closet. In your kitchen cabinets. In your email inbox. Let go of the things (or people) that are ready to move on and take your next step in the direction that feels light and joyous.

I love you. You’ve got this.

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Click here for the full recipe for Dairy Free Cream of Parsnip Soup. Image by Anne Sage.

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Think delicious warm easy to make soups with a dose of easy to digest nutrition information and things to consider as you move through your week. Your weekly recipe + shopping list will arrive on Fridays just in time for weekend shopping.

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Soups on!

P.s. It’s going to be the complete opposite of this. ha!