Often what we’re eating is a reflection of the tender condition of our hearts…

Bad day = pizza, burritos, etc.
Good day = green juice, veggies, etc.

Consider allowing each meal to reflect LOVE for yourself, your body and all it does for you. This holiday weekend is the perfect time to practice since you’ll likely have LOTS of opportunities to chow down!

May you have more good days than bad and a waist line that makes you feel all kinds of sexy!


It’s ragweed season here in Texas and there are days I want to remove my eye balls so I can properly scratch them and then put them back in my head! I’ve been taking homeopathic tablets to help soothe the itchy eyes and runny nose and I’m a fan! It’s totally working. Inspired by these miracle tabs I thought I’d share some favorite DIY ‘medicine cabinet’ remedies!

Allergies (seasonal)
The root is always weak digestion (something I’m always working on… ginger, ginger, daily ginger!), but in the meantime:
· Use a neti pot. Neti pot demo here.
· Try Nasya. Nasya demo here.
· An herbal formula that is great is sitopaladi churna.
· Facial steam with eucalyptus or tea tree.

Bug Bites
· Cilantro! In a blender combine a handful of cilantro with 1/3 cup water, strain, drink 2 teaspoons juice 3x day. You can also apply the pulp to bite.
· Apple neem oil directly to bite. You’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding right? You know how the dad puts Windex on everything? Yeah, neem oil is like that in this house. It’s good for so many things!

Chapped Lips
This is SO simple and SO effective: Apply ghee or sesame oil to your lips with the tip of your finger… That’s it! Sesame oil is my go to at home but out in the world it’s Rosebud Salve. Rosebud Salve is one of my favorite packaged lip potions (and I put it on cuts + bug bites)!

Ear Infections
A simple garlic and mullein infused oil can help relieve ear pain and fight infection. You can google how to make it yourself, or just buy Ear Oil (super inexpensive) from Mountain Rose Herbals.

· Drink lots of water, warm is best; Dehydration is big cause of headaches.
· Make + drink fresh ginger tea (boil a thumb sized piece of peeled ginger in a pot of water for 10 minutes. Drink the water throughout the day).
· Do a facial steam with 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.
· Take 2 Tablespoons of aloe vera gel by mouth up to 3x/day (good for burning headaches).
· Ghee Nasya: Put 3-5 drops of warm ghee in each nostril. (smear it around with your finger + leave the ghee in, of course wipe your nose if it runs).
· Eat a handful of almonds! They have anti-inflammatory properties that can help eliminate headache!

· Drink 2 tablespoons aloe gel with pinch of baking soda.
· Drink 1 cup papaya juice + 1 tsp organic sugar + 2 pinches cardamom.

Your first line of defense is to eat foods that nourish the skin. As summer grows near by sure that you’re eating nuts, avocado, legumes + pomegranates. Pomegranates are a personal fave since they help produce collagen. Slather a sunburned body is coconut oil or aloe vera (directly from the plant is best).

Tooth Pain
Again Mountain Rose (big fan of this thoughtful company) makes the perfect product! A little clove bud essential oil rubbed on your gums can relieve even the toughest pain in your mouth! You can also use it for headaches, by just rubbing a little your temples, under your ears and at the top of your neck. It is SUPER potent, so be extra careful.

To your balanced body!

Medical Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this document is intended to be medical advice or take the place of any evaluation or examination by your medical doctor. If any of the conditions listed above persist for more than three days, consult your doctor immediately.

- Barefoot running is like an upper and I’m devoted to natural highs.

- Green juice does it for me too. Big time.

- I meditate daily and still get caught up in worrying about the future. Must need more meditation or a crystal ball. Maybe both.

- A solid sense of humor gets me through an awful lot with a smidge of grace. My sisters remind me about the importance of laughter ALL THE TIME. For instance — this week Kayla made juice and forgot to add the pitcher to catch the juice. When the juice started spraying out everywhere she went with plan B, her hands. And when plan B didn’t exactly work it was plan C, hysterical laughter with her daughter.

- Even though I eat vegan most of the time, I still really like cheese. Especially a nice, hard gouda. If you read nice, hard gouda and had at least one dirty thought you might be my people.

- I want to explore contentment and collect experiences.

- I believe in letting what we do be an expression of who we are.

- I’m craving a GOOD DIY project. Something deeply satisfying that when I’m all done I can sit back and say I MADE THAT (picture little Lacy beaming with pride).

- Ned will be 14 this year. July 1. He seems to have just gotten the memo and has slowed down a bit. Spending our days together is still one of my favorite things. I don’t even get annoyed when he wakes us up puking in the middle of the night on the pillow right next to my head. Welp, most of the time.

- Peppermint herbal tea is a gift.


This lifestyle takes work. Eating whole foods isn’t always the easy choice. We are surrounded by junk foods, processed foods + fake foods that are dressed up to look, smell and taste pretty delicious. Even an ugly cupcake makes people smile.

Staying mindful and acting in alignment with your desires is a practice. Often that means overriding old ways of being. When  stress + anxiety well up inside it can be so easy to self-soothe with food. For me it used to be sugar. Anything cake, cookies and ice cream. Looking back usually only the first bite made it better (if that). After that I was negotiating a killer headache or belly ache with a side of guilt for having done that to myself yet again.

The truth is that there’s always an option that will support + nurture you and it usually doesn’t have anything to do with food. Inspired by a client going through a tough time I’ve compiled a list of motivational tips + tools to help.

1. Pause + breathe before you act on the emotion or feeling you’re experiencing by eating.  Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Take three deep breaths. Sometimes it’s all you’ll need to bring you back into presence to gain some control + perspective.

2. Say to yourself, “I love you. I see you. I feel you.” You’re feeling rotten and taking a moment to affirm that you’re here with yourself, on the same team, being seen can work wonders. Consider a practice of saying it in the mirror daily.

3. Look at what you’d like to do and then decide differently. Ok– the shit has hit the proverbial fan. You’re ready to cart yourself down the street to the local coffee house for a baked good and cup of whipped cream with a little coffee in it. What could you do instead? What could you do that would take you out of the moment you’re in, still feel satisfying but NOT filled with sugar + regret? Have a glass of water and write in your journal. If you’re in a really tender state consider writing all you’re feeling and then burning the pages to help release any trapped energy! (please burn the pages in a safe place like a fireplace)

4. Is this an opportunity to set a healthy boundary? Sometimes the thing that pushed you over the edge was a result of not standing up for yourself in a loving way. Could you say ‘NO’ sooner next time or change some routine, behavior or practice that would honor your boundaries?

5. Naps are a wonderful reset button. Maybe you need a nap to bring you back. Sleep is basic, necessary and a total life saver. Maybe it’s time to look at your sleep schedule and commit to getting into bed earlier each night.

6. Be oh so gentle with yourself + respect your feelings. Chances are something has been building up over time to lead to this moment. Could you practice more kindness with yourself this week? Maybe that means letting go of those old rules about how things need to be done in a certain order before you take care of you. Leave the dishes in the sink + light a candle to soften the mood. It’s ok, advisable even to take care of you first.

7. Ask yourself what you’re really craving and then create space to invite it in. It could be you’re really craving… more peace, physical touch, quality time alone, intimacy, a little hope, some more energy etc…

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. We all face challenges in feeding + taking care of ourselves. There is a way to fill the well without overdosing on food + booze. There is a way to move through life without the guilt + shame hangover. I totally understand what it feels like to want to change but not know how. I have been in that moment where I knew it was going to be more painful to stay the same than it would be to do the work to change. I baked a whole sheet of cookies once only to take them out of the oven and put them down the disposal in tears. Been there. Done that.

If any of this is resonating with you and you’d like some support please reach out. I have eCourses, lead groups and do 1:1 coaching all geared at changing your relationship with food, creating balance and healing.

Love yourself enough to do the work to change. You’ve totally got this!

Last week I got an email from a gal who noticed that I use almond milk in many of my smoothie recipes. She suspected it had more meaning then just for flavor but wasn’t really sure why. It’s such an excellent question I thought I’d share the WHY with you here too.

I try to stay away from dairy as much as possible because it causes inflammation and a build up of mucus in the body.  Inflammation leads to disease. Short + simple.

I use a variety of non-dairy milks. Almond + coconut milk weekly. Hemp milk + rice milk every now and again. We make our own almond + hemp milk, it’s so simple! How to video here. When I say coconut milk I’m talking about the full fat coconut milk that comes in a can. Always eat as close to the source as possible, so the fewer ingredients the better. Our almond milk has two ingredients, almonds and filtered water.

I was allergic to milk as a child and never developed a taste for it. I did, however, LOVE the taste of chocolate milk (um- hello sugar overload) and would drink it when I was constipated to get things going. Yeap, you read that right. I would intentionally give myself something I knew I was allergic to knowing full well that it would upset my stomach to the point of diarrhea and I’d do it ON PURPOSE. At the time I had no idea how to heal my digestion but I learned how to painfully manage it. A girl will do a lot when there’s a back up in the system.

I also find it really interesting that we are the only species who grows up and consumes another species milk. Cow’s milk is really meant to take a 60+ pound baby calf and turn it into a 600+ pound cow in a matter of months. I’m definitely not looking for that kind of weight gain! Don’t get me wrong, I still eat the occasional cheese because it’s so delicious but I try to stay mindful of how much dairy I allow into my body.

I avoid soy milk (and UNfermented soy products) because it’s quite hard on the tummy and can have a profound negative effect on hormones. Soy mimics estrogen in the body and an accumulation of it can lead to certain cancers.

Here are a few more smoothies to add into your rotation! One with almond milk and one with coconut milk!

Enjoy, enjoy!

Peanut Butter + Banana Smoothie

A Grown-up take on an old classic! Perfect for lunch.

• 1 cup almond milk
• 1 handful of spinach or other greens
• 1/2 avocado
• 1-2 tbsp peanut butter (I usually go for a heaping tbsp)
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 1 frozen banana
• 5 cubes of ice

Blend all ingredients except banana and ice. Then add banana and ice and blend again until smooth. Enjoy!

Serves 1

Banana Coco Ginger Green Smoothie

Banana Coco Ginger Green

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

• 1 cup coconut milk
• 1 giant handful of spinach (about 2 cups)
• 2 frozen bananas
• 1 carrot
• 3 dates
• 1/2 – 1 inch piece of peeled ginger

Blend spinach + coconut milk til smooth. Add dates + carrot + ginger blend til smooth. Then add bananas and blend again. (I like to put leaves in first + frozen items (banana in this case) in last to make sure the smoothie comes out nice and frosty) Enjoy!

Serves 1-2

Banana Coco Ginger Green 2


- Feeling like I accomplished quite a lot this week. My desk is a complete disaster. That’s usually a good sign.

Work Helper
- Remembering spending time last week in Austin with my little sister and my niece Chloe. Missing those two. A lot.

- Spending a lot of time exploring that most unpredictable space called transition. Feeling change coming and having so many conversations with Cliff about what that might look like. Our lease is up in June and what we know for sure is we are complete in this house. We’re ready for the next adventure!

- Looking forward to vacation. We’re going sailing. Off the coast of Panama! San Blas islands. Google it. Freaking glorious!

Kale Yeah T's + Tanks

- Packing T’s + Tanks to send to customers! Thank you all so much for the support. I’m in awe of just how many hats I wear as a solo-preneur and it all counts, it all helps, it all adds up to helping me continue to live the dream of doing work I love. You can get yours here!

- Pinning my heart out today between client calls. Are you on Pinterest? Let’s be friends!

- Considering a water fast later this year for my next “food” experiment. My intention is to literally wash my cells and get inflammation in my body DOWN as low as possible to see if it helps my breathing. It feels hard core. At the same time it also feels like a memory, like it’s something I’ve already done yet I know I haven’t. Does that make any sense at all? Don’t worry it’s one of those things where we would go to a place to be medically supervised.

Yeap, that about covers it.

Happy Friday!

My friend Anne recently led me through a 2-week customized Ayurvedic cleanse. Anne is an Ayurvedic Practitioner,dear friend + the Campaign Manager for the Campaign For Confidence (doesn’t reading Campaign Manager just make you smile)! You can interact with her daily at the Campaign for Confidence Facebook page!

The goal was to re-balance and re-boot my digestive functioning. We talk all about it in this video!

As was discussed it the video, the cleanse included lots of warm, cooked foods made with healing spices and designed to be super-easy to digest. The cleanse also included the daily consumption of ghee, which is butter from which the milk fat solids and water have been removed. Ghee nourishes the body and feeds our tissues on every level, enhancing all three stages of the digestive process. Ghee is used in Ayurvedic cleansing because it bonds to fat-soluble toxins throughout the body and then carries them to the gastrointestinal tract where they can easily be eliminated.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest medical systems that originated in India several thousand years ago and is defined as “knowledge of life.” This truly holistic healing system is the mother of many different healing modalities: nutritional therapy, herbalism, massage, aromatherapy and more.

Ayurveda is often referred to as the “science of self-healing”  because through its teachings we become deeply in touch with our mind, body and spirit and are often able to recognize imbalances well before they manifest as anything recognizable by the Western disease model.

There are many different diagnostic tools that Ayurveda provides us with, including feeling pulse and observing faces, tongues and nails. When Lacy recently noticed that she had longitudinal ridges on her nails, she knew that she was experiencing a deeper imbalance and enlisted me to help her resolve it.

What Are Your Nails Saying?

Our nails are a by-product of bone tissue development so the health of our bones can be reflected in the health of our nails. When our bone tissue is sufficiently nourished our nails will be healthy and grow quickly. When our bone tissue is lacking in nourishment, our nails will grow slowly and can develop other physical symptoms.  Typically, the bottom third of the nail (closest to the cuticle) will reflect our health within the last three months, the middle third of the nail reflects our health within the last six months, and the top third of the nail reflects the last twelve months, but of course this varies by our individual nail growth rate.


The moons (luna) are little whiter area often found at the base of our nails and are related to energy flow within our physical and mental body. When they are missing it can indicate a mental imbalance of some sort. When they are very small, it can indicate insufficient prana (life force energy). When they are very large, it can indicate hyper-metabolism and/or high pranic energy. If they are blue there may be an imbalance in the liver and if they are red there may be a cardiac disorder.

White Spots

Little white spots on the nails are often due to either a deficiency of calcium, magnesium or zinc or excess calcium in the organ associated with that finger (thumb = brain; index finger = lungs; middle Finger = intestines; ring finger = kidneys; pinky = heart).


Both side-to-side and longitudinal ridges (from the base to the tip) indicate an imbalance in our digestive system that has led to the malabsorption of nutrients. As you know Lacy packs her body with tons healthy food but it doesn’t matter how many nutrients we are consuming if our body isn’t properly digesting, absorbing and assimilating the nutrients!

The Three Stages of Digestion

Digestion is the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine and the root cause of all disease is improper digestion. In order to be maximally healthy, each stage of the digestive process must be functioning correctly: 1) Hunger; 2) Digestion of Food & Assimilation of Nutrients and 3) Elimination of Waste Products. To learn more about these three stages, read Anne’s blogpost here.

Anne is leading a modified version of the cleanse that I did at the beginning of May. If this is resonating with you I’d love for you to join us. You can find out more here.


Ps. It feels important to note that I’m not getting paid to promote Anne or her cleanse. I believe in her + her work. She’s been a tremendous gift in my life + health.

This is a puttering in the kitchen recipe gone right. The finished photo is the most beautiful thing ever but what it lacks in look it makes up for in taste! It’s so rare that I take the time to create a multi-step recipe. Put plainly, it’s work! But OH MY GOSH is this one ever worth it! Crank up the music, pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s get cooking.

You’ll roast poblanos, cook quinoa, chop + grate your heart out for the stuffing, then saute the stuffing, peel the poblanos, stuff those babies and put it all in the oven to warm through and let the flavors combine. Meanwhile you’ll be blending up a super yummy sauce to top it all off.

Seriously, you’re about to feel like a culinary bad ass! This is a nutritionally complete meal, so many vitamins, minerals + protein (really filling too). Hope this makes your taste buds dance


Stuffed Poblano Peppers

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan
Serves 2-3

• 3 poblano peppers, roasted
• 1 can black beans, drained + rinsed
• 1 cup quinoa, cooked (I like to do 1 cup rinsed quinoa to 1 1/2 cup water for about 12 – 15 mins. Cook til all water is absorbed then fluff the quinoa with a fork. I used red for this recipe but you can use any color that makes you happy)
• 1 sweet potato, grated
• 1/2 red bell pepper, minced
• 1 cup yellow onion, minced
• 1 jalapeno, minced
• 1 tbsp. coriander
• 2 tsp. cumin
• 1/2 tsp. salt
• 1 tbsp. coconut oil
• 1-2 cups arugula

roasting peppers

Poblano Pepper Roasting Directions
- Set oven to broil + place poblano peppers on foil or a foil lined baking sheet.
- Broil for approx 10 minutes per side until the skins bubble up and darken.
- Remove peppers from oven + cover for 15 mins.
- Coat your fingertips in olive oil (it will keep your fingers from burning from the heat of the pepper/ seeds). Remove the cap of the pepper and seeds. Then gently peel the skins away from the pepper.
- Set aside until you’re ready to stuff ‘em.

stuffed pepper ingrediants

Stuffing Directions
- Heat coconut oil in large skillet + saute grated sweet potato, red pepper, onion + japlapeno, coriander and cumin for five minutes or until onions go clear.
- Remove from heat + add black beans + cooked quinoa. Combine well then gently stuff into *2 poblano peppers.
- *If you choose to make the Creamy Shallot Pepper Sauce below you’ll need to cut the 3rd pepper in half. Use half for the sauce and stuff the other half.
- Place stuffed poblano peppers on foil or parchment lined cookie sheet and bake on 350 degrees for 15 min.
- Place on a bed of up to 1 cup arugula, pour creamy shallot pepper sauce over the top + serve!

You will have extra stuffing! Save it and heat it up to eat alone or with the leftover sauce tomorrow!

Creamy Shallot Pepper Sauce Ingredients
• 1 shallot, minced
• 1/2 cup cashews, soaked
• 1/2 cup water
• 1/2 poblano pepper, roasted
• 1/2 lemon, juiced
• pinch of salt
• pepper to taste

Sauce Directions
Blend all ingredients in high speed blender + pour over stuffed poblanos. Extra sauce will keep in the fridge for 2 – 3 days.

P.S. We had some leftover guacamole in the fridge that needed to be used so I served it on the side. Totally tasty edition but not necessary.

I LOVE rituals. Love them. Food focus is one of my favorite rituals. It’s a simple practice that helps keep me tuned into my goals and stay mindful about my relationship with food. It’s usually just one thing that I stay with it all week long.

Food Focus is usually something like:

- Eat breakfast within an hour of waking. I can get into my day and totally neglect eating breakfast. You too?
- Eat without distractions. No phone (not even instagram and I LOVE instagram), tv, computer. Just me and my food. It’s harder than you think.
- Chew each bite at least 15 times. Again, harder than you think if you’re like me. I’m one of those chomp, chomp, swallow people. The practice of chewing is something I come back to over and over and over.
- Eat my last meal of the day before 7.
- Eat food without labels (ie, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grain, beans).
- Drink warm water every morning upon waking.

This week my food focus is to eat at least two meals at home per day. That way I know exactly what I’m putting into my body and it keeps one meal free for going out if we choose to! I keep meals simple. So far this week it’s been juice for breakfast + grilled veggies or salad for lunch + dinner.

Want to join me? What will your first Food Focus be?


Already making this one repeat. Hope you love it as much as we do!

Cucumbers are pretty awesome!
- They are an excellent source of B vitamins which will give you an energy boost!
- To cure bad breath, press a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds!
- Constipated? Eat cucumber daily and you’ll be regular in no time!
- To avoid a hangover eat a few slices of cucumber before going to bed!
- Cucumbers are 95% water so they’re excellent for hydrating your beautiful body.

lacy-young-health-coach-happy-home- Happy Home DIY alert… cucumbers will stop a door from squeaking. Just rub the cucumber where the squeak is! Aaaand they will keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up! Simply rub a slice of cucumber on the mirror before showering and it will stay all clear for getting ready after!

Cucumber Dill Salad


  • 1 sliced cucumber (peeled)
  • 1/4 sliced small red onion
  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp fresh chopped dill
  • 1/2 tsp salt + 1/2 tsp black pepper

Serves 1 (or 2 as a side)

Mix all ingredients and enjoy right away or refrigerate for later!

cucumber dill salad 2